It’s a completely independent blog, rather than a sideblog like this one. I figured it’d help with my focus in addition to giving me a more ‘put together’ image lmao

easy start to my daily paint thing :’) I’m aiming to paint something everyday


mini acrylic portrait of zazie on a 6cm x 6cm canvas :0!

there’s these rly cute canvases that are 6.5cm x 6.5cm and im trying to decide what to paint on them

i love working on small surfacesss

[beavis and butthead laughing]

a really cool and sad feeling is when your art role models no longer impress you as much

like when you stop seeing magic brush strokes and instead can see how they did it and how you can do it too

It’s like a level up, it makes me have to go out and find even higher level artists for inspo

idk if this makes sense lol

midousuji is hard 2 draw

i cleaned my desk of the mountains of debris that built up on it and set up my laptop and tablet and now i can do the digital thing


woohoo i’ve drawn 7 things in 2 days, it’s not a lot but it’s a lot to me :’)

It’s nice, I feel kinda like an artist again. I’m glad to be breaking away from my art block, but I feel horrible about late commissions

But I feel I can get them done within the next week if this art streak keeps up!